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Durable Medical Equipment

Modern Medical offers countless DME products discounted up to 40% below suggested retail cost as well as thousands of medical supplies and same-day service to anywhere in the country.  New products are being introduced to the market every day, so our list of offerings continues to grow.

We have a team of customer service representatives to follow up with claimants to ensure equipment utilization management, delivery, proper equipment handling and service satisfaction. Their goal is to ensure that your claimants’ DME needs are quickly and completely met; making the referral and delivery process seamless to you and your claimants.

DME Re-Pricing

DME re-pricing is a cost savings benefit program that reduces the cost of DME equipment and services by re-pricing out-of-network invoices at a discounted rate; giving you options and control and lowering your DME expenditures.

Surgery Planner

A new solution available on TruNet™, Surgery Planner is Modern Medical’s proactive approach to providing durable medical equipment and medical supplies prescribed by the physician for the claimant following surgery.  Surgery Planner eliminates out of network invoices and unexpected costs.

Equipment Retrieval and Banking

Modern Medical monitors equipment use for select products, retrieves it when it’s no longer needed by a claimant, and then refurbishes it for potential use by later claimants. In the meantime, we store (“bank”) it for you, while keeping track of all inventory in your bank.
When a claimant needs reusable equipment, most of your rental expenses are applied to the purchase price. Once you own the equipment, Modern Medical’s banking program kicks in with no action required on your part.

If a claimant needs an item that is available in your bank, Modern Medical will send it to the claimant at no rental or purchase cost to you. The only cost to you will be for related expenses, if applicable.

As always, our staff will monitor the claimant’s use of the equipment so that we can retrieve it for you as soon as the claimant’s treatment is complete and refurbish it again. The process can continue indefinitely.
Items that can be banked:

  • Electrotherapy equipment
  • Wheelchairs – manual and power
  • Hospital beds – semi-electric and full-electric
  • Traction equipment
  • CPMs (unit only)
  • Cold therapy units (unit only)
  • Compression pumps
  • Dynamic splinting (unit only)